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  • Anthony B. Coates Now that JG has done this part, TC to resolve the remaining build error.
Anthony B. Coates2017-08-31 Meeting notes
Dean Allemang2017-09-07 Meeting notes
Dean Allemang2017-08-10 Meeting notes
  • Dean Allemang  change one of the about files to ALL for the all-importing file
Dean Allemang2017-07-06 Meeting notes
Dennis Wisnosky2017-05-30 Meeting notes
Elie Abi-Lahoud2017-05-18 Meeting notes
  • Jacobus Geluk  JG will look into that build job per TC. See notes in JIRA.
Jacobus Geluk2017-09-12 Meeting notes
Jacobus Geluk2017-08-10 Meeting notes
Jacobus Geluk2017-08-10 Meeting notes
  • Jacobus Geluk Develop an architecture that is a picture of where things run and will run.
Jacobus Geluk2017-04-20 Meeting notes
  • Mike Bennett dig out the ISO 20022 naming / transformation convention for URIs and labels
Mike Bennett2017-07-06 Meeting notes
  • Omar Bryan Khan  1) pick up artifacts from the Jenkins server - 1 week. 2) do something with the generator - 2 weeks. 3)  do something with the publisher sooner. All contingent if we drop StarDog for now.  All agree to focus on spec....... for now.  
Omar Bryan Khan2017-06-06 Meeting notes
  • Go to Candidate Hygiene Policies "MU proposal that someone goes through the large 'dumpster' of possible hygiene tests and pulls out the ones we would choose to use.  Also MB notes that some of the ones in the Ontology Summit Hackathon table are ones with numerical choices to be made, not simply yes or no.  This was also assigned to Tony Coates at some point.  This will help us get the process down for doing this stuff.  But first we need the initial filter of what are the hygiene tests that everyone agrees to.  Then have a process that everyone needs to go through as part of something like a Build process that fails each time we break any of the rules."
2017-03-14 Meeting notes

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