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  1. Note from Toby Conrad of Semaphore.

    Semaphore is a multi-user environment. Different users can have different roles and privileges. You can also create tasks and allocate them to people – for example “Please review the ABC branch of the ontology”. Once their feedback is collected and changes made – that task can be approved.


    We have a side-panel architecture in the user interface. A widget could be added that takes any information from changed concepts made in FIBO and acts as a JIRA input form. The user could add any further information at that time if required and then submit to JIRA from within the Semaphore Ontology Editor interface. This is NOT a change to Semaphore – you simply write a side-panel widget. There would be a complete audit trail as well.


    So that would allow a bank – say JPMorgan to link to FIBO, centrally create tasks for subject matter experts in various parts of the Bank to review the parts of FIBO relevant to them, capture and review all feedback centrally and then create the JIRA entries from within Semaphore.