1) Review Generic Model

2) Finalize OWL for Generic Model


  • CC: Goal – conclude the generic version of the ratings model
  • EK: Status of content in GitHub (old) – hard for EK to get to the point of agreement until see can see the OWL.  Update the OWL to the ratings fork to compare with what is in FIBO core (to see where they differ).  Some of the dependencies are critical. 
  • EK: Some of the tags (i.e. rating performer) are being questioned by FIBO ontologists.  Rating Performer has been changed to “rating party.”  
  • CC: EK also to look at the “assessments” ontology – some changes have been proposed (impact “opinion” and “set of dates”).  Action: CC to raise JIRA issues (for alignment with FND) and edit the branch
  • EK: Loans also needs to reference the ratings ontology
  • PR: Examples of OWL individuals (how ratings is using the classes and properties) is desired.  Action: CC to create a complete instance specification
  • EK: The ratings ontology will reside in FND and link to FBC for dependency coordination
  • CC: Action: communicate to CC any OWL changes (not just fix) to align adjustments
  • CC: We can now consider the current generic model complete (pending OWL adjustments)
  • CC: spreadsheet of definitions has been posted to the Wiki for review
  • EK: Some of the definitions don’t correspond to the ISO standard.  EK is fixing as found
  • CC: Proposing “credit ratings” as the next area for ratings ontology work (starting next week)


Action items