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20180716 FIBO FBC FCT


Equities Clean up effort from last week: TONS of stuff has been updated and cleaned up. Some implications for BE and FND.


Prior to pull request, we want to review the changes here.


 StockholdersEquity changed to OwnersEquity to cover generalization around shares. In FormalBusinessOrganizations.rdf.In CorporateOwnership.rdf: stockholders --> shareholders. Some of these changes are a reflection of generalizing British terminology. 


Also corrects reasoning error.Partnerships.rdf: metadata clean up that was lingering--cleaned up on the fly.


Few things that have been deprecated were referenced, cleaned up.IssuedEquity: deprecated. PartnershipAgreement added.AccountingEquity.rdf: largely definitions are cleaned up.


Metadata clean up as "the hood was open".


Definition: Capital cleaned up. CapitalSurplus, se. Restriction on Equity deprecated, and definition clarified.


FinancialAsset: definition cleaned up. IssuedEquity: cleaned up.OwnersEquity: restrictions cleaned up and definition clarified.PaidInCapital added as a class.ShareholdersEquity added.StockholdersEquity cleaned up and deprecated.Other definitions cleaned up.


With these done, we can turn to Equity ontologies.EquityInstruments.rdf: heavily cleaned up. Cleaned up imports and other metadata--killing some unnecessary imports, etc.Many classes altered/deprecated/redefined, etc. Done on fly as a test.


CommonShare: defined properly (little US centric)FoundersShare: new definition added.isHeldBy defined with proper restrictions.Voting Rights stuff cleaned up.EquityIssuanceTerms.rdf: PublicallyTradedShare pulled in.usual metadata clean up.LimitedPartnershipEquities.rdf: cleaned up to reflect proper definition of "share"ShareHolderEquity.rdf: junior/senior stuff from EquityInstruments added provisionally. Might need to be merged into EquiityInstruments.ShareTerms.rdf: distribution stuff added.Rrestrictions cleaned up to eliminate circularity.


So, what do we/can we approve? BE: EK can make the call. SEC, we can. FND...bigger issue as the changes are significant.


EK to make pull request FND and BE along with SEC directly.Looking at IssuesEquity: currently deprecated in some places, needs to be fully deprecated.EquityPricing: referenced IssuedEquity  hasCurrentStatus referenced it, but is not used: killed.


Next major action item: clean up/merging of other SEC stuff.


Another working session to be set up.Thursday 2:30 EDT working meeting.


Elisa sends an email to MB regarding FND changes decided by FBC FCT.


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