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20180709 FIBO FBC FCT


Elisa has been very busy...


IND-65: FBC issue wrongly assigned to IND: credit union: two instances under US and Canada with appropriate definitions in place.


Concern: credit unions exist elsewhere so we should have one credit union concept with refinements for the countries...


Moved Canadian version up as it was more general...US one was made a subclass of general one, Canadian one was deprecated.


Issue: in US a credit union is a kind of Thrift Institution, but not elsewhere - so, USCreditUnion is under ThriftInstitution. This applies to federally regulated US credit unions. This is also a child of CreditUnion....


Discussion: there seems to be some ambiguity as to whether or not a Credit Union is a Thrift institution. Different parts of the US gov seem to be of different minds on the issue.


Current problem: we lack a proper subject matter expert on this, though it is not clear how much that will help as this a pretty murky area.


While there are differences in how government organizations might define things, at least for now, the Fed seems to be a reasonable authority to point to as an adjudicator...


Action Item: Pete to OK pull request on changes.


FBC-179 IBAN and BIC codes: sorted by EK. IBAN: international identifier for a bank account.  ISO 13616-1 is related: bank ID number...


BIC: Business Identifier Code: SWIFT item.  ugly... with many synonyms: ISO 9362. Registration record for BIC yet to be modeled, but the rest is there.


FBC-182 is a dupe: killing.


Action items

  • Action Item: Pete to OK pull request on changes. Pete Rivett