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20180212 FIBO FBC FCT


Overview of MONSTER pull request that covers a number of open issues. Looked at two definitions: Structured Product and Managed Investment: classes that map to key Bloomberg Conceptual Model classes. Bloomberg definitions initially adopted by FIBO.  Reviewed a number of the seriously odd bits involved with chasing down LEI data including location of incorporation, registration number, etc. Turns out that there is some odd stuff and EK spent way too much time on this.


Reviewed DebtPerspectives--trying to figure out what it means and why it is here. Conclusion: this should either go away or go to FND. Plan: set up hand-off meeting with MB to get into FND.


PR to JB What is the plan to make Legal Forms list more complete? JB The goal was to get something out. The Entity Legal Form table is intended to be continuously up dated. PR It has many gaps. Some states covered. No country coverage. Jeff is happy to take input from the FIBO team and pass on too GLEIF. PR No CA, no Delaware. Only 6 states covered. JB There are issues with reverifying input. JB will ask Ricco about this.


JB to PR Thanks for highlighting these problems. Will research and get back in a week or so.


PR Some of the Terms on the form look more like classifications, not really forms at all and there are typos. JB Thanks Pete.


Some of the ways that ELF code list is assembled because other countries look at this differently. JB Don't worry that this is final. Will also look at the proper channel for feedback.


PR to EK Does CA have a definitive list. Yes.


JB Nevada has a different way. Practice varies state to state.


Elisa Kendall.


PR Some of this also looks strange. Brochure seems to not be the definitive list of legal names. JB After the type of corporation is declared, then the legal name could be different. JB the level above the Legal Form, i.e. the name of the organization is not in the purview of the GLEIF.


PR will do some more analysis and share with the Team.


JB There were 14,000 LEIs issued before JB and others wrote a paper saying that an 18 digit random number for LEIs did not make sense. It was not intended to look at the LEI and see who issued it. The LEIs are transferred between LOUs. Can't look at the LEI and figure out the LOU. JB all random numbers before Oct 30 2012. This could help PR.


JB the golden copy of the consolidated LEI database about to be released.

he FBC Issue list, as of 2/12/2018 is available here -   There are 35 open issues as of the end of last week, with a couple more in progress.  The latest version of FBC in GitHub is current as of the end of last week, and includes all of the most recent revisions to enable support for the GLEIF LEI Common Data Format (CDF) v2.1.  Work in progress includes revision of the set of US examples to cover more banks (mainly those participating in our work), including but not limited to their LEIs.  The goal is to incorporate a few additional individual institutions to use to test ownership and control relations, and to demonstrate the relationship between an LEI and a NIC RSSD ID, to support a demonstration for the OFR.


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