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20180105 FIBO FBC FCT


EK has been working through the various issues. Over last few weeks: many issues resolved. There are a number of open issues (30ish). Several of those will be closed as they are sufficiently old as to be irrelevant now.


A few issues in the regulatory space are nice to haves for the next deliverable, but nothing show stopping. A few minor clean up issues with definitions, etc. (items 141 and up, by and large are on tap--again, not critical).


SEC planning/priorities for end of March: LEI support for level 2 relationships.


BE item - Discussion of value of creating ALL vs Sole individuals for various types, e.g., Entity Legal Forms for LEI with over 1300 individuals globally. Issue is really a FLT issue.


SEC: get Securities content in provisional ontologies cleaned up. Spreadsheet to be attached to minutes.


Long story short: EK has done a TON of really great work.


Action items