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2) Where we are on our road map. 

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4) JIRA Issues Review -

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Pete presents a proof of concept he has put together for a potential client.

Covers a number of options related to a single underlier.

The proof of concept highlights a number of issues and challenges which Pete has documented as he went along. Some of the issues are clearly problematic, some are open to debate, which we will need to have in due course.

Jennifer Bond-Caswell Can't these issues be handled in technical Implementation Guidance documentation?

Richard They can, but documenting this is tricky, and we need to be in agreement around our position on these issues.

As pointed out, this discussion goes beyond this group as it impacts much, if not all, of FIBO.

Open FBC issues: (soon to be not open) - spreadsheed documenting all of our issues since FBC 1.0 as well as all of the open ones - 

Spreadsheet documenting our current mapping to the LEI-CDF v2.1 specification - 


Action items