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1) Use Case reminder

2) Where we are on our road map. 

3) Open Action Items

4) JIRA Issues Review -

5) Todays content discussion.




6) For next week.


There will be FIBO days at EDW 2018.  This is our fourth year.  Go to EDW 2018 - April 22-27For information.


Update on EDM Council changes. From Dennis.  No evidence of anything changing for now.   Appears to be no significant shift at this point. No current plans seem to be derailed at this point. Work on development of training materials will commence shortly.


Update on a few of the smaller issues registered in EDM council Jira. Several have been addressed.


Discussion of distinction between Agent in Role and Party in Role - There are several Agent's in Role that are reasoned to be Party in Role. This is not, necessarily an issue, but we want to understand the implications.


IndependentParty turns out to be somewhat confusing...Many are not independent in a fun dental way, but, rather, are independent in a context, e.g., a transaction.


Several issues have come up against Foundations owing to some of these (and other) issues that have emerged lately. Much of the current effort is focused on getting in the maximum amount of fixes in for the Year-end release. Current code freeze is on Dec. 15. That will be discussed in the FLT meeting later today. Much depends on what, exactly, needs to happen post-code-freeze and how manual those somethings are.


Discussion of metadata about LEIs: how much/what do we care about?  David Saul: We care if it is for regulatory reporting. Internally it is not critical. For years we used internal identifiers. Uniqueness is more important than which LOU it came from.


Elisa Kendall: I think we have uniqueness covered, but will review again to make sure.


David Saul: We continue to use the LEI, even if expired, for historical purposes.


Between now and next week: EK to power through some of the open issues and take a pass at the LEI issues.


Jeff Braswell: David, quite right -- the issuing or current managing LOU is not important. The RegistrationAuthority is part of the validation of the LEI registration as submitted by the entity registrant, and is fairly important as a 'cross-check'.  An LEI is unique, and persistent, meaning, the same entity would never receive more than one LEI, including any other LEIs in the future. Hence, once issued, that is THE LEI for the entity, assuming no corporate actions, etc. Hence, the registration status of the LEI is an indication of how accurate / timely is the information.


Next week: likely final snapshot of what will make it into the end of year release. From there, start mapping out OMG release for March in Reston.


Jeff Braswell: The need for current renewals is part of the business model needed to maintain the GLEIS going forward as well a timely data quality


Action items