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20171006 FIBO FBC

Review of IRS trade field mapping in light of recent work.  Tough issues remain: not clear where they should fall in FIBO. Not clear if there is a home in place for many.  Much of the swap stuff and financial instruments stuff is pretty solid. There are a few gaps, but nothing insurmountable.

 Two big issues: Financial Product (belongs in FBC).

CFTC uses the concept of product in a number of places, but this needs to be unwound.   Unique Product Identifier is relatively fine, but modeling a product and its relationship to and instrument(s). EK is familiar with Nordea view, but this might be idiosyncratic, hence request for input.  David: would need to check with internal SMEs and we should cross-reference UPI spec (such as it is).

Second: look lines 27-29 and 32-34 in CFTC spreadsheet. These are not modeled yet. Need input.  lines 32-35: confirmation that these apply only to derivatives by Jeff Braswell.   lines 27-29: Can apply to any trade.

Jeff B per the regulatory developments that require central clearing of OTC derivatives lines 40-42: seem swap specific, though some of it may be generalizable--successor trade, for example.  Reporting remains an open issue: who can submit and who is a counterparty seems to differ in some cases, hence the granularity of the CFTC categories. The reported events would be driven by operational events that need to be reported (circular reference ? :)


Action items