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20171023 FIBO FBC FCT


Elisa: Update on FBC updates for Dec OMG meeting. Much work is on other sections of FIBO owing to the domino effect. CFTC-centric to some extent: they identified a number of items that they view as required. Not all of these are in FBC; indeed, most are not. Financial Product and Financial Instrument: open issue--there is not, in every case, a 1:1 association. need to clarify this. We have the Nordea approach, but need to confirm that this is generalizable.


Need help here: data related to a Trade.  Contrast: data about trades vs data about reporting on trades, etc. Issue around Report: right now it is such that a "issuer" of a report is an AgentInRole, not a PartyInRole. This needs bot be fixed.


Also, the concept of "issued" is ambiguous as issuing a financial instrument and providing a report are rather different things. General agreement that language needs to be addressed here.


Proposal: Submitting Party and Reporting Party...descriptive verbs to be determined once the ripple effect is sorted through. EK to come back with proposal.


DWiz to Elisa: Where did you get the individuals?  From the CFTC Website


EK spent a good bit of time (rightly) sorting out some issues with FND and BE that was creating contradictions. This work was critical for the Sept 30 release.


Elisa focus on CFTC to eliminate reasoning errors wrt SDRs. Much debugging to make Protege work with the 4 SDRs.


Elisa asks if publisher name should be stripped off in the floating-rate index. David Saul says no, because some publishers say they are publishing the same as other publishers and they are not. Leave all of the data intact. That is the safest path.


Elisa then needs to create a new class to support Pete’s automation. Will need a floating-rate class.


David Saul: Clients often specify where the bank sources. So, must not lose that visibility.


Elisa: Must figure out what to do with spaces and parenthesis in the source data.


ACTION: Elisa to send Pete and example.


ACTION: Elisa and Jennifer to talk.


ACTION: Elisa to again review Oliver’s work and perhaps do a mapping to FIBO.


Action items