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Slides from today's meeting, including all of the lifecycle slides and current hierarchy for indicators are available at – 

A link to the IMF page regarding economic indicators / statistics published / reporting requirements is –

20170515 FIBO FBC FCT


Financial Service Providers: need feedback on completeness of subclasses.  International perspective in particular.  Currently nothing under Brokerage Firm.  Does Broker/dealer go under that? for example.  Which of these should be people or organizations?    Or both?    Swap dealer is missing as well.


Revisiting Lifecycle issue from Pete.   Fairly drastic reworking of this area. Please look closely.  How does Product relate to Product Lifecycle? Can there be a product with NO lifecycle (however trivial that lifecycle may be)?  Can a single life cycle apply to more than one product?  Or is it that there are multiple lifecycles that are remarkably similar?    Need both lifecycle of a product and the lifecycle of a trade.    


A trade is not a product, but a part of a product lifecycle. 


We have Occurrences and Events. We don't have stages.  Sit on this for now.  Please review closely. We will review with Pete directly later.  


Quick tangent: look at indicators. SEC has some dependencies.    Looking at: building out various statistical indicators.   Economic Indicators in particular.  BLS publications drive this.    We have some (most) but not all BLS stuff.   We selected the commonly referenced ones.  Is the list right in terms of importance?    We don't want everything, but we don't want to leave out anything that is critical, the absence of which would 


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