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1)  Use Case reminder.

2)  Where  we are on our road map. 

3)  Open Action Items

4 ) JIRA Issues Review

5)  Todays content discussion.




6)  For next week.


  1. With respect to the definition of Security:  Need to add Negotiable Security as a child of Security, move the isTransferable = true to Negotiable Security and make that also a child of Transferable Contract.
  2. Definition for Non-Negotiable Security – Wes
  3. Remove the word 'now' and say that one has the 'right to receive' something of value in the definition of credit agreement
  4. Review FIBO Master for definitions for day count conventions to merge into FBC as individuals
  5. In the definition of underwriting arrangement, leave out "to the public"; change from UnderwritingArrangement to UnderwritingAgreement, or add subclasses for FirmCommitment and BestEfforts, Minimum/Maximum, synonym for underwriting arrangement – work with Wes to get definitions for these ... standby underwriting under a rights offering ... check Securities to see if we covered it there.


Slides from this week – 

Revised triage spreadsheet detailing issues and status – 

Action items