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1)  Use Case reminder.

2)  Where  we are on our road map. 

3)  Open Action Items

4 ) JIRA Issues Review

5)  Todays content discussion.




6)  For next week.



20170213 FIBO FBC FCT


Review of spreadsheet covering issues in EDMC Jira.


Question/challenge: how many of these do we want to get into a release for the next OMG meeting...deadline for documentation is next Monday.  Choice: submit for March meeting or sit on this for a cycle? Either way, we should document changes in OMG Jira.mmFND issues need to move in the current cycle.


Proposal: we support the FND work as appropriate, but let the FBC work sit for now. Adding into OMG Jira ASAP (perhaps not this week); then aiming for June rtf in Brussels.  We need to file an extension on the FBC rtf for one (more) meeting cycles.


Looking at spreadsheet: good news is that we have resolved many items!


Process: as issues are resolved in OMG, then, and only then, do we mark them as resolved in EDMC JIRA (so as not to lose sight of open issues).


Both Spreadsheet and Slides will be posted to notes.


Review of Record:  Document in FND likely needs a bit of tweaking...lacking clarity.  EK to tweak "Record" definition in FND.


Tweaking Account to eliminate need for an account holder.  Moving Account to a top level class--cannot figure out what it might be a child of, hence top.


Account Number --> Account Identifier.  EK: need to remove "client" from definition of Account Identifier


AccountSpecificEvent.  Killing AccountSpecificEvent as it is covered by Record.  AccountProvider --> FinancialServiceAccount.  Kill its parent ServiceAgreement does the work.


A "gentle" homework review--mostly SEC stuff. PLEASE dig in!


No meeting next week!

Focus was on preparation for OMG Reston, where we suggest that there should be a FIBO FND 1.2 RTF report for the meeting but no report for FBC this time.  A spreadsheet summarizing the current status of the open issues for FBC, including the FND dependencies, is available here – 

Slides presented today are available here – 

The primary focus with respect to the slides was towards the beginning, namely the slides focused on definitions related to account.  We agreed that an account should be a top-level element, not a child of record, but that is comprised of min 0 records (no need for account specific event).  We also agreed that a record is a collection, but not necessarily structured and not necessarily a document.  There was much discussion around the difference between a document and documentation – see the meeting notes for additional details.

Action items