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1)  Use Case reminder.

2)  Where  we are on our road map. 

3)  Open Action Items

4 ) JIRA Issues Review

5)  Todays content discussion.





6)  For next week.



20160725 FIBO-FBC


FCT FBC face to face in NYC last week: much progress madecurrently only 1 issue in OMG Jira...this is the only issue we HAVE TO address by Aug 15.  We may want to address more than this, but we want to be conservative as we need to provide turn-around time for ballots and so on. 


We also discussed the various issues raised on EDMC Jira at the NYC meeting. Walkthrough: 30-odd issues open.  Main issue that needs addressing: Monetary Amount related to Central Bank--coordination with Indicators ontology.  Largely addressed by change to indicators.  Tweak to Monetary Authority in FBC--that issue is in OMG Jira--the proposal is pending.  Work is done in Pink.  This also addressed EDMC FBC-60.  Many other issues are text changes that we are trying to roll into a single OMG issue. To the degree that we can cover these, they will be in the spec. 


As background, Indices and Indicators is facing a hard-stop, so it is the priority. 


Other big discussion items: Definitions of Trade - need to add "involves ...contract" to Trade.  Suggestion (Gareth): remove "basic" from trade definition.  "Basic" was a modifier of the term "agreement" and a trade is rarely basic.  Remove "product" from involves clause for trade.  "Product" was redundant.  Revisions to be uploaded to GitHub today; note to be sent to Gareth and Tracy for review.  Trader: (review) added trade identifier to definition of tradeIdentifier for transactions should be added to Foundations-- need to raise issue. 


Holding: (review) was viewed as necessary for FIBO-V--so added here.  Type of ownership what we have is a starting point, reviews/input welcome--definition is potentially less than optimal.  Gareth and David to give 2 cents. 


Exposure: (review) there are a bunch of different kinds, we left them grouped.  Can blow it out later if need to be identified in financial exposure now.  However. investment/transaction based exposure question is a reference to "transaction". Tweaking use of "transaction" in parent node: "Exposure". Position:


(Review) discussion around "holding" position is a kind of holding with respect to a single thing. Holding exists, need to add position...will be ready for review shortly.


Next week: will bug FTF members--ballot review.  Self-Regulating Organization: (Review) subclass of Regulatory Agency--in place to accommodate FINRA and others. Non-governmental but with regulatory teeth. This about sums of the must-haves for Aug 15.  Other tweaks are "nice-to-haves" which, if we can fix, great....need to mind dependencies on other ontologies.


FBC-89 (EDMC): market basket to FBC rather than IND--Indicators needs this--easy enough, need to add to official list.  Final call for additional issues for FTF: we need to know by end of this week 7/29/16.  Changes to ontology files will be in PINK by Friday.

Action items