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1)  Use Case reminder.

2)  Where  we are on our road map. 

3)  Open Action Items

4 ) JIRA Issues Review

5)  Todays content discussion.





6)  For next week.



20160411 FIBO-FBC FCT


Discussion of BE logistics: Comment deadline in late July, which makes delivery of anything in the June timeframe impossible. September is also iffy.


Review of open issues for FBC:  Closing LEI work item.  Closing road map item.


David Saul: progress on regulator list. Internal State Street group has spreadsheet with list--being updated internally.  Will share appropriate subset once updating is in place. Review of individuals: discussion of capturing State Street (as an example) and the issue of multiple LEIs.  LEIs as a hierarchy that roll up to the main corporate entity. Will spawn an issue for BE which currently assumes only one LEI per bank. 


Open issues in JIRA:  Strategy: small updates to BE and FBC to accommodate Indices and Indicators ASAP.  This enables publication of finalization of IND & Indicators in June.  BUT,  we cannot do anything with BE until Sept. at best.


Review of what needs to happen in Indices & Indicators: proposal: represent required entities only at a high level until BE is available so as to eliminate the dependencies for now. We can do-over later once BE is properly set up.  Jeff Braswell:  You should be able to find 4 datasets there.  U.S.-centric. LEI, FHLB, SEC, FFIEC.  This was the test data for the NIST / OFR FEIII data challenge. Goal was to harmonize same entity across 4 datasets.  We participated in the challenge, FYI ). I have another file -- 384 LEIs matching "State Street".   JSON format, not just the LEIs -- the reference data as well.  Could try to post it on the wiki, that should work.  Definitions for "trade", "position", "holding", "exposure": request to DB and State Street representatives. 


FBC FTF report being officially pushed to (at least) Sept.

Presentation Slides from today's meeting – 

Action items