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Elisa Kendall



1)  Use Case reminder.

2)  Where  we are on our road map. 

3)  Open Action Items

4 ) JIRA Issues Review

5)  Todays content discussion.





6)  For next week.



20160104 FIBO SEC and FBC FCT’s


Dennis with quick update on 2015 in perspective.  Review is underway by FLT and then perspective doc will be shared with all Teams.  Eight FIBOs in flight, use of WIKI, Github, JIRA...all good.  Expected 25 folks in Github, 99 as of Jan 1! FIBO Vocabulary: our own SKOS dialect. with 19+ members...Much started last year, none finished, but we have process for moving this forward  .Challenge 2016: converging three "versions" of FIBO: OMG, Vocabulary, and


Onto main meeting:


Open issues in WIKI then JIRA, roadmap for next several weeks.


Number of tasks assigned to Mike Bennett; he is otherwise occupied for a bit, but none of these are mission critical.


Updates on status for Elisa's items. Securities JIRA: No open issues right now, but there probably should be sooner than later.


Back to FBC:WIKI: Jusridiction -- FLT discussion might be needed.  Transferable Contract: EK and RB to speak to MB.  No Magic: working towards resolutions in BE aiming towards exporting VOM content directly into No Magic so as to automatically generate specification materials.  Applies across projects, not just BE. 


Examples: FBC-23--expecting to leave open for now, exact formatting in spec is still under discussion, but examples will be included in any case. 


Over to FBC JIRA:1 critical issue:  Refactoring issue -- ignoring for now.  Current model in use by two large banks, so hesitant to make changes. Need to review as group once we are closer to completion. After that, go back to David to compare what he is doing. 


Question: should cross FIBO issues bubble up to FLT rather than sit in groups?



Definition of Exchange. Update needed. Number of definition-based issues: Trade.  Perhaps a new ontology needs to be added for Trades, holdings, etc.


FBC-52 is higher priority than others.


FBC-30 need to circle back with David with examples in hand (Gareth working on good examples).


Elisa to reach out to David Saul RE; FBC-27.


FBC-79: likely not relevant, but leaving open for now.


FBC-74: Gareth aiming for next meeting to speak to this. 


Minor issues:  many are relatively simple, some have broader implications. RB and EK to rank by effort, impact, etc.  Aim: pair down the list for next week. 


Road Map: plan to publish schedule in advance to reflect FBC/SEC alternating weekly.  Expectation: FBC next week (1/11/16.)  Get schedule in WIKI: RB and EK to figure out.


RB to kill single meeting and issue two meetings on calendar, once we figure out the basic schedule.


GitHub review:  Latest version of FBC: updated in Pink on 30 Nov, 2015.  Same with SEC.  EK to checkpoint 30 Nov Pink FBC over to Yellow, after confirming with OMG that versions are consistent.  FBC FTF targeted for June.


Pete: FBC-80 argues that definition of Exchange is too broad, not too narrow. Broad in sense that exchange platform is not distinguished from org/company that runs it.  We know we have work to do to address the relevant definitions.  Pete added comment in JIRA to reflect.


RB and EK to review remaining Red FIBOs in Securities to get them up to speed for next SEC meeting. No meeting on 18th.  11th FBC, 25th SEC.

Action items