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1) Use Case reminder

2) Where we are on our road map. 

3) Open Action Items

4) JIRA Issues Review -

5) Todays content discussion.

6) For next week.


Both the CFTC and SEC cover some aspects of CMOs, CDOs, ABS, MBS at least in the case where there is an underlying commodity instrument, but there is some overlap depending on the case. Cash flow coverage is likely higher priority based on the CFTC requirements.

We started looking at the ACTUS taxonomy and contract properties today to ensure that we have coverage of the various parameters specified in ACTUS. The taxonomy is available at The corresponding data dictionary is available at The easiest way to look at some of the content is through the demo available from the ACTUS web site, which shows which parameters are required by contract type (only for some of the contract types though). That link is  We also discussed updating the mapping from FIBO to the federal register - John Nowlin will send the latest to me.  He is also very interested in connecting with DARPA so Elisa will send an introductory email.


Action items