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John G sent regrets due to a family commitment.

We continued our discussion today on what we can do to provide support for the CFTC. Increasing support for CPMI/IOSCO, the ISDA CDE, ACTUS, and so forth will help, but a presentation to a commissioner is likely the best path towards getting attention at the CFTC.

We also looked at the CFR Title 17 part 45 - and need to add definitions for the following: (1) clearing swap, (2) a number of swap lifecycle events (see the CFR definitions), (3) mixed swap, (4) multi-asset swap, (5) off-facility swap, (6) open swap, and (7) original swap.  We also need to look at our definition of UTI, and swap participants and augment those definitions with the information from the CFR in notes. (DER-13).  We also need to review the data elements required for reporting and ensure that we have good coverage (we have most of the data, but not complete coverage).


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