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1)  Use Case reminder.

2)  Where  we are on our road map. 

3)  Open Action Items

4 ) JIRA Issues Review

5)  Todays content discussion.




6)  For next week.


20170214 FIBO-der FCT

FCP-3 Waiting for Elisa.

DER-18 Must be assigned to Elisa. Take out all references to ISDA, FIX, etc. because of potential IP rights.

DER-15 and others waiting for Elisa.

DER-13 waiting for DN.

DER-15 Legal Agent added in FBC. Marked Resolved.  Elisa shows this in Protege. David agrees. Elisa suggests testing this in real life.

Wes says replace courtappointedControl with courtorderedAuthority. David says to leave courtappointedControl.

ACTION for MB to release what he has done in FND rel to capacity. Elisa will inquire of MB to get this.  This is in ref to DER-42 and 45 discussed in 20170213 FLT.

Elisa to add courtorderedAuthority and other classes and restrictions as per DER-15.

DER-14 discussion leads to link to FCP-2.

DER-18 is resolved.


DN asks Dean to update SPARQL scripts. ACTION for Dean. New JIRA DER-19.

JN: Start with 10 highlighted elements and use these to show risk exposure. This will show the advantages of FIBO, Portege and Triple Stores to do inferencing and import other ontologies from outside of CFTC.

JN has pulled data from NIC to help with LEI hierarchies. Given that we don't need to hit a home run, only a single, perhaps just importing other data is good enough.

We can start with the 10 elements and map them to FIBO.  DN: We will start with the 10 and also look at concepts need for cash flows.

DN demonstrates his SWAP ontology. JB says he is confused by this. Max joins and suggests the concept of notionalAmounts. JN points to Section D of his document for CFTC discussion of notionalAmounts. JB introduces notionalstepSchedule. Max asks why the concept of notional is even considered. It is a real distraction. There is no exchange of funds in notional. Funds are simply netted. Can determine if somethings is notional from its properties. DN: Clear that this needs to be refactored. Can reuse notionalstepSchedule, but restrictions need work. JB says notional is a common term, nevertheless and should be used.

DN: We are modeling at the leg level. Should we be, or at the contract. JB: It all depends on the type of SWAP. DN creates FIBO-FCT DER JIRA issue for this.

DN brings up the JN document. We will focus on interest rate swaps only.  JN: YES!

DN: Easy to map JN 10 fields. And, we will also look at JB idea for cash flows.

Action items