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1)  Use Case reminder.

2)  Where  we are on our road map. 

3)  Open Action Items

4 ) JIRA Issues Review

5)  Todays content discussion.




6)  For next week.


20170224 FIBO-DER FCT


DN: Do we intend to apply OWL reasoning to date. Dean: We use strings, so - no. DN: But operationally we need XSD dateTime. EK: We have datetimeStamp. Must uses classes, or it will not work. Must use Date Classes. DN to EK: Please join Dean and me to create some Abox test instances for things like interest calculations. We can then craft some examples. EK: OWL has Date and datetimeStamp. Yes, I will meet with you. This will require significant reification for it to work. DN and EK agree to meet.


DER-14 assigned to EK. Easy, says Elisa. Latest GitHub has latest that we have agreed to. Does not have BE changes yet because there will be no OMG changes this round. DN: But, we need BE to be at the same level. DWiz: MB has already made these changes. We cannot be driven by OMG schedule.


DER-12 EK can make changes. DN: Agree. EK: Then, after next EK pull request is actioned, DN needs to update his GItHub.

DER-15 EK needs more infor on DN intent. DER-16 is a duplicate and was closed as such.


DN: Agent definition review. Wes: offers 3 types of Agents. EK: worried about conflicts of Classes. Likes thirdpartyAgent as a serviceProvider. DN: We have agentinRole as a relative thing. EK: we could call legalAgnet as a child of partyinRole. DN: Need to be precise. EK: DA agrees. EK: Put this in FBC. DA: Concerned that we have Agency so low and agentinRole sounds like a RE agent.


DA tells a story that only a mother could love,.


EK: Create a class called legalAgent in FBC. DN: Should be in FND. Else call it fiducaryAgent. Wes remains concerned that this will confuse people. EK: what about legalagent. Wes: OK! Put in FBC. EK: will create legalAgent class as child of partyinRole with definition from the FAR with capacity of delegated legal authority. Will not have power of attorney. create a class called licenesedAgent as a person., The human is a subclass of responsibleParty. Elisa says ok and DN agrees. thirdpartyAgent is a subclass of legalAgent and not a person. DN puts this DER 15. EK: Belongs in FBC. EK: FBC 106 is this issue. DN does a link.


DN: Allocated Swap question to Wes. What is this? DN: Looks like a post trade event. Maybe rather than looking at these in alphabetical order, go through the list and focus on most relevant. Wes: Yes, we could do this because of the timing of when this occurs. DN: Let's go through the list and identify which are most important for CFTC.  DN to JN: Is this ok? JN: Will review the spreadsheet with James and identify short term, mid term later and send to DN.


Wes: There are many types of Swap Contracts. JN: Will look at better definitions.


DN: Need to define creditdefaultSwap at a top level. Need another module for credit degfault swap. To JN, "please let us know". JN: OK.


DN: Looking at definition 14, where should this go? EK: If at all, in DER as a child of clearingHouse. Use DerititivesClearingOrganization as a child of ClearingHouse.


DN creates DER-17.

Action items

  • John Nowlin Review spreadsheet above for near mid and long terms concept that will be needed and return to Dave Newman