FormallyConstitutedOrganization has not axioms and is only used once. Can it be removed? We already have FormalOrganziation.


Recommended Additions




The inverse of guarantees, is needed in loans. Suggest NOT add class for Guarantor, no obvious need.

Recommended Changes

  • Suggest incoorprating the following in the definition of 'guarantees: to cover loan guarantees.  "The guarantor bears primary responsibility for losses in the case of default on a loan or debt obligation".
  • Suggest make -be-corp-corp:hasDateOfIncorporation a subpropoerty of -fnd-dt-fd:hasStartDate
  • Suggest use hasRegistrationDate from FBC not create a new property hasDateOfRegistration in BE. ALdo the definition should not be corporation-specific. 



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  1. We actually use this in many places in BE and FBC as we build out various kinds of business entities, so while it may not be obvious that it is necessary, there are numerous dependencies on it. Examples include: Corporation, Private Company with Limited Liability (LLC in the US), Partnership, and Trust

    1. Use what in several places, the inverse of guarantees? This recommendation is twofold, 1) to add the inverse and 2) to to take into to account the words above in the definition of guarnatees. And yes, I do need to see what is in the latest pink. Im working with an April 1 version (no fooling :).

      1. FormallyConstitutedOrganization – I wasn't commenting on guarantees.  The property is defined in OwnershipParties in BE, so that's probably where the inverse goes.  I've found cases where we need this in SEC/DebtFoundations as well, so I'll raise an issue unless you want to.  Presumably the inverse should be "isGuaranteedBy"?

  2. The current definition in BE also has several restrictions – you may not have the latest "pink" version of business entities, in other words.

    1. Deinition of what (class) has several restrictions, presumably you mean using guarantees(isGuaranteedBy) as the property in the restriction.

  3. The other place, other than BE/OwnershipAndControl/OwnershipParties where this could go is in DebtFoundations, but we would need to agree that you would reuse that set of ontologies once they are available.