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  1. "Remove the imports as they introduce circular dependencies.  Migrate content from BusinessEntities.rdf into LegalPersons.rdf
    and change all current classes and object properties in BusinessEntities.rdf to the LegalPersons namespaces and all cascading references that use BusinessEntities content. Remove reference to "http://spec.edmcouncil.org/fibo/BE/LegalEntities/BusinessEntities" in AboutBE-1.0.rdf (and in other About and ontology files e.g. AboutBE-UK-1.0.rdf, AboutBE-US-1.0.rdf)"

     Create fibo-be-le-lp:BusinessEntity 


    Many things mentioned here are no-ops (they were changed  then changed back)

    As there was no LegalEntities/BusinessEntities in the original nor in the final, no change needs to be made for this. 

    No import needed for FormalBusinessOrganizations

    No import neededfor Countries