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20160823 FIBO-BE FCT


All BE submitted but Pete's XMI file. AB will need to verify that OMG can accept that ontologies will continue to grow and that P&P must allow for this.   substantive comments on BE report.


Elisa verifies that she created an About File that references versions Ontology.


All in GitHub Pink based lined to OMG; BE, FBC and IND. Will be check pointed after OMB AB vote.


Where do we go from here? DN: Continue with work around specific US and UK legal forms re jurisdictional plug ins. Need to leverage prior work such as LLC content. Lots of Trust content and restrictions to be introduced.  DN: Refactor some ownership and control logic. Introduce much more detail.


EK: There is an OMG legal forms open issue per PR. PR does not like abbreviations chosen. EU people will have a say here.


DA: Change to real classes. Not controlled list or string. 


EK: Good resource is Lucy Opsiknic from Canada on statistics. She is in Canada's only statistics office. 


DN: Legal forms next.



Action items