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2)  Where  we are on our road map. 

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4 ) JIRA Issues Review

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20160628 FIBO-BE FCT



BE-129 Done for a while. SoleProprietorship was deprecated and made equivalent to this in BE. DN agrees.


Next is Gov entities Onto in GitHub. Elisa will have one more edit FunctionalEntity class added under thinginRole.


Elisa duplicated EDMC BE-116 in OMG text for the vote and deprecated some classes to put them into FunctionalEntity classes and renumbered some restrictions and made table text changes - all in GovEntities Onto. Much manual work was required.


Need to deal with issue 6 on OMG side and close issue 5. naturalPerson left in, must be made equivalent to legallycapablePerson. Then issue 4 is resolved.


Issue 2 left alone likely. Issue 1 deferred. DN and Elisa agree.


Elisa - there will be one more jurisdiction added for North American jurisdiction.


DN and DA will add some mutually exclusive changes and put into the Wiki so that Elisa knows what to do. Dean will write up and DN will make RDF/OWL changes. Elisa wants all of this done July 8th. DN - we can do this.


FIBO BE11-6 Elisa may need help with words. Bobbin can work the last week in July. Elisa will need help.


Elisa will add all US states and Canada and EU commission and UK Gov. FIBO is well positioned to help with the BREXIT Chaos.



Action items