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20160607 FIBO-BE FCT


DN: Three branches defined in DN fork corresponding to JIRA items. BE 121 for LE to introduce LEI registered entity and resolve Min Cardinality 0 issue. EK: Need read access to the Fork and Wiki write ups for all of this. DN: Yes!


DN: Basic change is to make less restrictive LE so that LEIRegisteredEntity can be exactly 1. Use equivalent classes to represent meaning would work here and also for property chains. Then users can extend FIBO for their purposes. EK: Prefer to have a scope note. DA: suggests how to eliminate confusion.


DN: We need a general policy on this because it imposes a penalty on all users. DA: Likes to spell it out per EK, not do annotation. TC: What about and OWL 'has key' definition. DN would have its own Identifier, not use LEI. Use LEI as a mapping like a D&B number. DN: Want to have policy that will add data that will help users do inferencing. TC: What DN has done is far beyond what he has seen in practice. Organizations are using much more simple models. DA: BoA had a very complex model in Cesium. Did not have FIBO then. But, FIBO could have been used in the way that the DN model is built during Cesium design time.TC: OWA allows much more detail that is sometimes necessary.  DN: What to do will be added to FLT agenda.  EK: Either put the equivalence in or in a separate ontology as informative. Does not like in an annotation cause not actionable. 


EK: Seeing lots of Min 1 and it was agreed to not do that. DA and DN agree to change to some value.


DN: Resolution Y re BE 130. EK: Remove old restriction from those classes that are deprecated. We want to keep it simple for EK.


EK asks for an email of the changes that DN wants, especially re the Gov ontology. Elisa added a class under Gov. DN will give EK line item details. All agreed to move EK fork into pink in GitHub.


DN: Want to move some Jurisdictional classes into BE in this version. EK says, ok. Needs to be done now because of cascading effect. EK will do this.


Gov entity and jurisdiction needed for every State and for US Gov. DN: Then what about scope? Worried about perception of FIBO being only USA. EK: We will put in UK and EU entities also. DN: Then, how to organize the individuals. EK: With Jurisdiction folders in Gov Entities. EK: Like BE-96. Exactly like FBC. EK: Will work on soon. DN: Then can start jurisdictional plug ins for LE's. EK: Needs guidance from Andrew OMG. This should be additive and not an OMG problem. These are not destructive changes.  EK: Need issue numbers for DN and then write up and Bobbin review and then DA Needs to do this now so that can work on IND.


DN: Should we have an about file at the FIBO level. EK: Perhaps DA can generate this from all of the other about files. Irene of TQ did this once. Will only work if generated automatically. DA will make a proposal to FPT. Then FLT will look at this.



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