From FLT discussion:   A lot to figure out. Productive meeting this week.  Impact of changes that are set in stone in the OMG versions, some of which we cannot live with.  DN and DA have been meeting on this.   Example LegalEntity in Yellow, we want to deprecate or rename.  The current LegalEntity class conflates the two concepts that we know are referred to by these words, i.e. LEI entity and legal person.  Apparently Elisa is adamant that the world is coding to it.  This should be removed completely so that there is no conflation of these concpts.  Meanwhile how do we move forward on other changes without fixing this matter.  MB stresses that this is a really embarrassing result of the lack of ontological thinking.   People thinking that words can be used without reference to their business meaning. Proposal? LegalEntity renamed to LEICapableEntity (as it once was).  PR ­ we must use equivalence to existing classes if they have the same meaning.  However  MB to read the notes from last week's BE call and comment.  MB refutes any suggestion that he ever approved either the conflation of these concepts, or the misuse of the label LegalEntity  This will be discussed in 2 weeks. Relative v Independent Things ­ DN is in favor of simplifying many of the concepts we have tagged as relative things.  Discussion 

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20160531 FIBO-BE FCT



Elisa: Not all Polities need LEI. DN: Are we moving or deprecating Classes?


Elisa concerned that people get LegalEntity and are using it now. Taking this away is an issue that we may leave people behind. DA: Concern the AS-IS model conflates 2 separate issues. Pete: Yes! Elisa: We have gone back and forth. We now have 3 children of LegalPerson. Could make NaturalPerson disjoint with Polity and LE. Pete: Can't put disjoint because high networth person could have an LEI.


DN: Move what could have an LEI as a child of AutonomousAgent. Elisa: Or leave it at is is without disjointness. DN: This is artificial. Elisa: NaturalPerson is disjoint with LE now. We can rename, but worried about MarkLogic and other software companies. DN: If we don't change now, it will be harder later.


Elisa: We are not precluded from NaturalPerson and Polity having LEIs. JuridcalPerson is a child of LegalEntity.


Dean: We agreed in November on what David wants now. What happened. Eiisa: We did not get it done before the spec 1.0 was published. DN: Then we can add it now. Elisa: Yes we can. DN: Stephan Wolf said that an LEI should be exactly 1. And, now we could have those not registered as min 0.


Elisa: We have a narrow window to get the jurisdictions into BE. Must then also change BE and FBC.


DN: Let's talk more offline with Dennis and get back to you.


DN to DA: Can we live with LE and change the restriction? DA: Yes, if we pay lip service to November decision. DN: We can do that. DA: Let's capture the distinctions in points of view. I.E. what GLEIF says and reality.


Elisa: I will upload my version of GovEnttities into GitHub. DN: We already have it in K. Elisa: I think that all that you want is in my version. DN: Dean and I will look at what you did.


Action: Elisa to put this into GitHub.


DN and Elisa agreeing on what he shows in Protege. Still some discussion on definitions and source of definitions.  LegallyCapablePerson is in FND. NaturalPerson is in BE.



DN: We added capacities into FND. DN: Add restrictions to LegalPerson. NaturalPerson can inherit these properties. Elisa: Pls send me these changes. This is then doable. Write them up, and to deprecate industry sector classification. It is in the formal business organization ontology.


DN: Get rid of some unneeded classes. Elisa agrees.


Action: Dean and DN to look at Elisa's fork. DN to deprecate, not delete IndustryOrganizationCassification.


Bobbin: Who is actually using what is published. MarkLogic, Nordea, others including a major client of Ab Initio. Deprecate will not break existing code. Deleting will.





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