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Discussion was on the way forward for FIBO-BE.

Following a discussion with MA, Dennis announced that he whatever MB has on 30 May is the end of the anti pattern work.  All will have been handed over to DA.

In the meantime, Dean and David N will be reworking BE as necessary to comply with the new Qualified Relations pattern.  

" FIBO will be published as a 3 class pattern, commonly known as the qualified relation pattern.  There may be use cases where it can be proven that 5 classes are necessary.  For testing we will develop multiple instances."

Al other existing FIBOs will go through this process.  

The goal is to publish EDMC compliant FIBO-RDF/OWL and FIBO-SIMF and generated FIBO-Vocabulary (SKOS) with 100% of existing content including what is now in the OMG process on  Then we will see what must be changed in OMG FIBO and proceed accordingly.

It may be necessary to have an in person meeting in SF with David and Dean and MB in June to accomplish this process.


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