Dennis Wisnosky

Dave Newman

Anthony B. Coates

Pete Rivett

Dean Allemang



Discussion items

I  somehow did not notice that you had cancelled all FIBO meetings for this week in your last Friday email.   We thus had the BE meeting held today and the meeting is still on the docket for tomorrow.   Unless Mirek cannot make it I would still like to go forward with it, unless you would like me to cancel it.   Please let me know.
Today, Dean, Pete and Tony attended BE.   We discussed all open JIRA issues for BE and GE.   I also asked Dean to start working directly on updating BE business content now that he is no longer as time constrained by Capsicum, and is also nearly done with the FIBOV script.  There are a number of OWL restrictions that need to be added to BE classes that only have human facing definitions to describe what they are.  Dean will be working to remedy this.  First priority are the BE classes that are subClasses of AutonomousAgent and their respective subClasses. (BE-84)
If possible, we will also need Dean to generate new diffs for FBC and BE in preparation for a working session I will have with Elisa next week that will focus on realigning FBC with BE. (FBC-70)
We also moved forward to work on ownership and control and related concepts.  (BE-44, BE-50).  This will be the new focus of our collective efforts.

Action items