Dennis Wisnosky



20150405 FIBO-BE FCT


Agenda slide - Paul Houle is working on a project to map LEI data. His work will be on a later agenda.  nElisa Kendall asks to compare FBC work with this work.


There will be a business need to support jurisdictional differences.


Sole Proprietorship is an independent thing that is a formal organization owned by a natural person. A sole proprietorship cannot have an LEI according to the opinions of experts.


ISO 17442 spec does not include the ability for a natural person to have an LEI.


MD will provide the ability to produce a diagram showing this from the Protege.


A sole proprietorship is an independent thing.  A sole proprietor is a person playing the role of a business.


Paul Houle:  Public and private models will be different. You could match them up in your own customer database, but what is published may involve the name and address of the person.


DN: Company needs to be fully defined at some point in the near future.


Paul Houle:What about a DBA filing?


Sole proprietorship is owned by exactly one natural person in the Protege.


Sole proprietor is played by min one SoleProprietorship. These two are in the current DN model.  This is in the BE-25 issue.


JuridicalPerson is a subclass of legal entity. Is this necessary?



Paul Houle: lattice structure would help, i.e. :hasLimitedLiabilityForAllOwners

It gets me access to the bank with a name


Paul Houle:  How do you track the laundromat that gets an unreasonable number of coins?

Elisa Kendall:  Exactly.


There remains the question of should the model have JuridicalPerson in the BE model. FBC uses JuridicalPErson and its sub classes. Rosario suggests that the static aspect of LE could be used to ease people into FIBO.


Paul Houle:  On Planet RDF somebody else can provide natural person, security identifiers and put this in a graph with legal entity data


Paul Houle:  The gas station or the laundromat has a ton of paperwork filed out with the authorities so it has to "exist" in some sense as a business


Pete Rivett:  "Doing Business As" is not just for sole proprietors - a regular company can also register a DBA


The definition of Company is key to this ongoing discussion.


Jeff Braswell:  In order to add a DBA to a bank account, a business registration with a jurisdiction is usually required


Action items

  • Dave Newman BE is expected to be presented to the OMG AB in the June Cambridge MA meeting.