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  • A (possible) introduction of new participants
  • Quick recall of the scope of the previous call

1.Working on the „The Bag-of-Concepts” for the expansion

2.Source Nr 1: SAE Recommended Practice J3016 - SAE J3016

3.Source Nr 2: Advanced Driver Assistant System Ontology (Ryutaro Ichise group)

4.Source Nr 3: Traffic Incident Ontology (TIO) (P. Kulicki, R.Trypuz)

5.A modified idea about our work on Autonomous Cars ontology

6.Discussion – next steps


THE SLIDES 2021_6.pdf 

SAE J3016 Taxonomy can be obtained here: J3016B: Taxonomy and Definitions for Terms Related to Driving Automation Systems for On-Road Motor Vehicles - SAE International

( ) 

The latest BAG-OF-CONCEPTS: Autonomous Vehicles Bag-of-Concepts for extension - Google Sheets 


Action items