From Mirek Sopek :

  • Two weeks ago, we initiated the activity of EDMC Automotive Ontologies with the kickoff meeting. We have introduced all participants to each other, presented the vision for our movement, and the work done so far to bring the initial set of ontologies ( to life and discussed the possible paths leading to future development.
  • The meeting notes are published at our “home” on the EDM Council wiki space: (The direct link to the notes:  
  • I propose to discuss the strategic decision, or, if I could call it that way, a strategic dilemma our group will face before going forward. I formulate this dilemma as a choice between:
    • building a very general ontology for the representation of the automotive industry knowledge,
    • building a set of specific ontologies representing different subdomains of the automotive sector interest.
  • In other words, I propose to discuss if we shall try to formulate an ambitious plan leading to an ontology designed to capture the entire body of knowledge of the automotive industry (much like what FIBO[1] did for the financial sector, or IKARUS ontology[2] plans to do for aviation industry), or shall we formulate a pragmatic plan to build many specific ontologies covering both existing cars' lifecycle and ontologies for the future generation of vehicles. We have presented some opportunities in slide 4 of the attached presentation and in the diagram in slide 12 presenting the work done by Pawe? Garbacz). The latter approach was, in fact, assumed in the process of creation.
  • In my opinion, the resolution of this dilemma will essentially help us to define the right strategy for our activity.



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